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The Valley of Barrie Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

99 Morrow Rd
Barrie, ON

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Mission Statement
The The Triangle Newsletter will be published twice a year. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep all of our members, and their families, informed and up to date on events happening in the Valley, to provide items of note, and to stimulate interest in activities throughout our jurisdiction


Robert D. Brethour, Editor



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Vol.1 Iss.1, April 2008

Vol.1 Iss.2, December 2008

Vol.2 Iss.1, May 2009

Vol.2 Iss.2, December 2009

Vol.3 Iss.1, May 2010

Vol.3 Iss.2, December 2010

Vol.4 Iss.1, May 2011

Vol.4 Iss.2, December 2011

Vol.5 Iss.1, May 2012

Vol.5 Iss.2, December 2012

Vol.6 Iss.1, May 2013

Vol.6 Iss.2, December 2013

Learning Centre Special Edition

Vol.7 Iss.1, May 2014

Vol.7 Iss.2, December 2014

Vol.8 Iss.1, May 2015

Vol.8 Iss.2, December 2015

Vol.9 Iss.1, May 2016

Vol.9 Iss.2, December 2016

Vol.10 Iss.1, May 2017

Vol.10 Iss.2, December 2017


Vol.11 Iss.1, May 2018