Membership Information
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General Membership Requirement
Scottish Rite does seek to teach its members a system of morality and thereby develop in our brethren virtues and character which encourage men to improve their faculties for the good of the human race.

What Masonic status is required?
A Master Mason, whose membership is in good standing in a regular Craft Lodge in this jurisdiction, whose permanent residence is located within this jurisdiction at the time of application may petition for membership in the Scottish Rite.

Must I be invited to join the Scottish Rite?
As a Master Mason in good standing, you are heartily encouraged to apply for membership in the Rite without awaiting a specific invitation. You may ask a Scottish Rite friend for a petition form or contact the nearest Scottish Rite Secretary for an application or further information.

What are the requirements of residence?
No application for degrees in any constituent body of the Rite shall be received nor balloted on if the applicant is not a permanent residence within Canada. If the applicant has his permanent residence in a foreign jurisdiction, no action shall be taken on his application until a waiver of the foreign jurisdiction has been obtained by, and to the satisfaction of, the Sovereign Grand Commander of this Supreme Council.

Can Scottish Rite membership be divided?
Primary Scottish Rite membership shall not be divided but shall be with the bodies of one Valley so far as opportunity exists. No constituent body, or member of such body, shall recognize as a member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite any person whose permanent residence is within the jurisdiction of this Supreme Council who shall, while so permanently resident, receive the degrees in some other jurisdiction, without first having obtained the consent of the Sovereign Grand Commander of this Supreme Council.

Are there any regulations as to physical condition?

What is the attitude of the Jurisdiction with respect to religion?
Like the Symbolic Craft, Scottish Rite does not seek to intrude upon the prerogatives of places of worship nor does it attempt to teach any creed. Scottish Rite is not a religion and does not pretend to be a substitute for religion. Its rituals do not hold out the hope of heavenly rewards.

The Rite does require that its adherents profess a monotheistic belief in Almighty God and encourages it members to become active participants in their respective places of worship. The Fraternity is a meeting place for Christians, Hebrews, Muslims, Parsees and any other believers in a monotheistic faith. As such, it has become the handmaiden of religion. To inject or discuss religious creeds could only be divisive.

Scottish Rite does seek to teach its members a system of morality and thereby develop in our brethren virtues and character which make men worth while.

Is the character of petitioners investigated?
Each subordinate body has the right to inquire into the character and Masonic standing of each applicant through the use of investigating or membership committees.

Are candidates balloted upon?

What does it cost to take the Scottish Rite Degrees?
Minimum fees and dues have been established by the Supreme Council, but Valleys have the right to increase such fees and dues as needs indicate. Please contact a member in your jurisdiction for complete financial information and individual Valley benefits.