Rose Croix Officers
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Most Wise SovereignIll. Bro. J. L. (Jeff) Johnson, 32°
Thrice Excellent and Perfect First GeneralIll. Bro. A. N. (Adam) Hepburn, 32°
Thrice Excellent and Perfect Second GeneralIll. Bro. T. M. (Terry) Anderson, 32°
Excellent and Perfect Grand RegistrarIll. Bro. J. E. (Jim) Anderson, 33°
Excellent and Perfect Grand TreasurerIll. Bro. S. J. (Sid) Woods, 33°
Excellent and Perfect Grand AlmonerIll. Bro. C. H. (Cam) Goodman, 33°
Most Reverend and Perfect PrelateIll. Bro. Wm. T. (Todd) Robinson, 33°
Very Excellent and Perfect RaphaelIll. Bro. B. R. (Brian) Laporte, 32°
Very Excellent and Perfect Grand MarshalIll. Bro. H. C. (Herb) Koch, 32°
Respectable and Perfect Captain of the GuardIll. Bro. R. F. (Bob) Martin, 32°
Respectable and Perfect GuardIll. Bro. R. S. R. (Randy) Hutchinson, 32°
Excellent and Perfect Organist (Music Director)Ill. Bro. Robt. F. (Bob) Martin, 32°
Temple RepresentativeIll. Bro. K. (Kennard Pratt), 33°
Auditors:Ill. Bro. D. A. (Doug) Conway, 33°
Ill. Bro. D. G. (David) Walker, 33°
Trustees:Ill. Bro. D. (Dennis) Hawman, 32°
Ill. Bro. Wm. T. (Todd) Robinson, 33°
Ill. Bro. J. F. (John) Thompson, 33°
Registration:Ill. Bro. K. (Kennard) Pratt, 33°
Ill. Bro. K. (Ken) Hebbard, 32°

Ill. Bro. Jeff Johnson, 32°
Most Wise Sovereign