Rose Croix
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Spry Chapter Rose Croix

Conferring the 15th to 18th degrees

After completion of the 14th degree, the Masonic educational journey continues with the degrees of the Rose Croix, which include the 15th to the 18th degree, all of which are obligatory. The 15th and 16th degrees related to the rebuilding of the Second Temple by Zerubbabel. The Second Temple degrees portray the never ending struggle against the adversaries of Truth and Light: a struggle which is still going on today. The 17th degree is an approach to, and the 18th degree a recognition of, the religious ethics in universal terms: thus assisting in the building in our hearts of the Third Temple not made with hands. The 18th degree culminates with the degree of the Knight Rose Croix.

15° Knight of the East or Sword
16° Prince of Jerusalem
17° Knight of the East and West
18° Knight Rose Croix

The 18th degree is supplemented by the beautiful Maundy Thursday and Easter ceremonies, which constitute a solemn observance of the Passover or Paschal Supper on Maundy Thursday in Holy Week and then on Easter Sunday an inspiring observance of the Resurrection.


The Symbol of a CHAPTER OF ROSE CROIX is in the form of the Jewel of Chapter of Rose Croix, eighteenth degree. On one side a pelican feeding its young, on the other side a white eagle, wings extended, rising in the air: Compasses with the points extended 60°; A celestial crown: Within the compasses, a cross with a centered rose.


Supreme Council Shield

Supreme Council Shield
(Note: only for their use)

The government of the Scottish Rite In Canada resides in the Supreme Council 33° which selects and elects its own membership. It is composed of Sovereign Grand Inspectors-General 33°, Active members, (not exceeding 33 in number) and Past Active members (without vote). Associated with them are Honourary Inspectors General 33°, distinguished brethren selected for their service to the Scottish Rite, to Freemasonry, to their country, or to humanity.

Subordinate bodies are, separate and independently, responsible to Supreme Council for certain degrees. These subordinate bodies comprises:- (see above)